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Burials at Sea on a Yacht in San Diego

san diego sailing cruisesBurial at Sea San Diego Provides special lifetime memories and a bonding and sharing time for the family. The privacy of being on yacht makes this possible as opposed to viewing from shore. Do not rob yourself of this wonderful experience.

Spreading ashes at sea gives a family time to grieve, reflect and have your spirits uplifted in a beautiful peaceful setting. Wildlife such as dolphins and sea lions are often nearby and come to investigate.

Burial at Sea San Diego provides several burials at sea locations where the water is usually very calm and if the sun catches the ashes at sea just right, they will sparkle as you watch them disperse.

It is a very clean process as the spreading ashes at sea gently float along the surface. Your loved one is becoming one with the ocean – as the scattered ashes disperse the rose pedals float in the current. You will be able to get pictures that last a lifetime.

Some families are concerned about getting sea sick while spreading ashes at sea, but this is extremely rare.  We generally use very large yachts which have the tendency to be very stable as well our usual scattering location is in very quiet and smooth. Probably 90% of the charter duration is within the protected waters of San Diego Bay. Even for families who choose to venture out further into open ocean, the southern California waters are seldom an issue regarding sea sickness. If, however you are very sensitive to getting sea sick you should take precautions before your ash scattering at sea charter.

Cremation and Ash Scattering at Sea

An increasing number of people are choosing cremation and burial at sea (spreading ashes at sea) for their funeral selection for a variety of reasons. Not only is a burial at sea significantly less expensive than a traditional burial, it’s rich in nautical background and is a celebration of life – spreading one’s ashes at sea is a traditional way of saying goodbye. A burial at sea is a peaceful beautiful setting. The ocean is majestic and surrounds all on it with beauty. Our burials at sea ash scattering ceremonies are performed from a variety of locations off the San Diego Coast such as Point Loma, Coronado and the Cabrillo Monument.

If you have a specific location to scatter ashes at sea, we would be pleased to accommodate your wishes. After the ash scattering the exact GPS position of the burial ceremony is recorded. This information is used to complete the memorial certificate which will be sent to the family – generally within 24 hours of the burial at sea.

Additional ash scattering at sea options can be provided as requested to make your event more unique. It is also possible to perform a burial at sea with no remains. This can be done when it is not possible to retrieve remains – in the case of a disaster where no body is found.

A service can be performed and a memorial or flowers placed in the water. Although not strictly an ash scattering at sea, it does provide the family and friends with a form of closure to aid in the grieving process.
We can also perform a non-attended burial at sea ash scattering at sea ceremony for you if you are unable to attend or the family lives out of town.

Feelings After Ash Scattering at Sea

We have a lot of experience with families and the burials at sea – spreading ashes at sea – experience. Your experience is unique and may be different but we have found that spreading ashes at sea leaves the families with a tremendous sense of closure and peace. We think the reason for this is the letting go of the loved one in such a beautiful setting. The ocean is beautiful, continues forever and teams with life. We often have sea-lions, dolphins or an occasion a whale appear. It is difficult to not be overwhelmed by the ocean’s beauty. So, in short families often feel better.

Famous People Scattered at Sea

Many notable people have chosen burial at sea such as Robin Williams, Steve McQueen, Rock Hudson, John F. Kennedy, Jr as well as many thousands of others. Currently approximately 50% of people select cremation and many of these choose spreading ashes at sea and is common if the deceased enjoyed the outdoors and the water. Perhaps they loved boating or some other aspect of the aquatic environment.

Arizona – Phoenix – Tucson – Burial at Sea

We do accept cremains from throughout the United States.  Many of our families come from the Phoenix area as well as various other areas in Arizona.  Many Arizonans have close ties to the San Diego area and their relatives wish to have their final resting place in the ocean here.

We do however have accept ash scattering at sea from all over the world. We have probably performed burials at sea for people from almost every state, including Canada and Europe.

1 - 6 Persons - $480

7 - 12 Persons - $680

13 - 20 Persons - $1,400

Unattended Ash Scattering Service- Non-specific date for scattering $180

All services will comply with Federal and State Laws and Regulations. Client must provide required forms and certificates (originals not copies) from a certified crematorium or funeral facility. These include an Official Death certificate and a Disposition of Human Remains form. Due to the nature of the ocean, all dates and times of services can be performed only as conditions permit. Pacific Sailing Charters reserves the right to cancel or postpone any scheduled departure or service.

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