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burial at sea | ash scattering | san diegoOur Burial at Sea (Ash Scattering at Sea) ceremonies are performed from a variety of locations off the San Diego Coast such as the Cabrillo Monument on Point Loma, Coronado, and Sunset Cliffs

Our usual location is just south of Point Loma with downtown San Diego and the Hotel Del Coronado in the background. The water is usually calm here, especially earlier in the day.

The exact GPS position of the burial at sea ceremony as well as weather conditions are recorded. This information is then used to complete the memorial certificate which will be sent to the family.

Additional services can be provided as requested.

There are three types of spreading ashes at sea which we provide, and all are very commom. You should decide the type of service you will be having;

Attended Burial at Sea (Ash Scattering) Service.

burial at seaThe actual form the ash scattering at sea ceremony takes is completely up to the family. A clergy member or family member is often designated to perform the ceremony. The vessel Captain is also available to assist with the ceremony. Burial at Sea Service

Some families request the Captain to recite "Commitment to the Deep" or other verses. We can play music or you may bring your own (CD) . The ashes are then scattered. We provide rose petals free of charge which may be scattered, also arrangements for additional flowers or wreaths can be made

The ceremony can be recorded using video and still digital images as the family wishes. The exact position of the scattering will be recorded for a scattering certificate the family will receive later. The duration of the trip depends on the location selected by the family, but plan on about 2 hours.

This is a private ash scattering at sea and only your family will be on the boat. Please contact us for additional information and pricing.

You may also wish to think about more unique service venues such as a full moon or night scattering (very beautiful) or perhaps going out to sea beyond the sight of land.

burial at sea | ash scattering | san diegoViewing from Shore

Sometimes families and friends may prefer not to attend the spreading ashes at sea service on the water but view the scattering from land. There are many places this may be done in San Diego but the spot usually selected for viewing is Cabrillo National Monument in Point Loma.

At this location, high above the ocean looking out to sea, you have a ideal location for viewing the actual ceremony.

Families often have a private memorial at this time sharing their private memories and prayers, and a shared moment of silence.

Un-Attended Scattering Service

burial at sea | ash scattering | san diegoBecause we accept ashes from across the United States, often the family is unable to attend the actual scattering and "Burial at Sea San Diego" performs the service for them.

All services are normally performed within 1 to 2 weeks of our receipt of ashes (weather permitting). A blessing on behalf of the deceased will be read and the deceased's name stated. The ashes are then scattered on the sea followed by cut flowers or rose petals. Upon completion of the scattering you will be sent a memorial certificate listing the time, date, exact longitude/latitude, and vessel.

The service can be recorded by video and still photographs. The Captain will make an entry into Ships Log upon completion of service.

Scattering Methods

burial at sea | ash scattering | san diegoThere are may ways to perform burial at sea (ash scattering over the water) - all are very common;

Scattering directly from the container received from the cremation facility. The ashes are poured directly into the water on the down wind side of the yacht. With this type of scattering it is necessary to be careful that the ashes land in the water and do not get blown back or stuck to the side of the yacht. The yacht captain and your host will assist to help prevent this.

Scattering with the use of a bio-degradable urn. These urns are specifically designed to gradually disperse the ashes back to the sea. A water-soluble urn will usually float for several minutes then slowly sink where it will degrade or melt back to the sea. The survivors will often toss flowers or petals as a final tribute as the urn slowly drifts away. It provides the family with a going into the sunset scenario.

burial at sea | ash scattering | san diegoScattering from a urn/basket. Your loved ones ashes are placed in the silver urn with rose petals placed on top. The basket is then lowered to the water surface and the urn is inverted. The rose petals float to the surface and the ashes disperse in the ocean.

The scattering method used may be selected by the family. Often when scattering from several feet off the surface of the ocean we recommend option 2 or 3.

With ash scattering some families also choose to keep a portion of the ashes in various forms as keepsake. If you would like to use the Bio-Degradable urn option or to retain some ashes as a keepsake please refer to our section on Urns & Keepsakes.
Memorial Trips

It is common that families will wish to revisit the site of the actual scattering on the anniversary of the ceremony. The Captain can take you to the exact spot where the initial ceremony took place. If we did not perform the initial ceremony, you will need to provide us with the GPS position.

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